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LASRAB Statutory Responsibility

The permanent custody, regulation and control of all archives of the Government of Lagos State and of such other archives or historical records of entities operating within the State or outside as may be acquired by the State Establish standards and advise on best practices on records and archives management in the State Establish and…
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Information on The Seal of LASRAB

Crest: the graphic representation and expected seal of the Bureau designed with particular reference to the three dimensions of records and archives for planning and development to wit: Heritage Preservation Documentation and Scholarship Information and Communication   White Cap or Keremesi – the stately cultural symbol of royalty and traditional authority epitomised by the head…
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Information on The Seal of Lagos State

Akoko leaves – the wreath of Akoko leaves signify longevity Cowries – the yellow background indicates foreshore sands common to all parts of Lagos state. Fishing Activity – it denotes the traditional occupation of the people and inhabitants of Lagos State. Coconut Palms – these represent one of the main agricultural products of Lagos State…
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Ideas For Research and Project Topics.

Find a wide variety of broad topic ideas that you can narrow and refine then take to your teacher for approval as a term paper or project topic. Once you've talked to your teacher, Contact the Education Specialist about finding primary source information for your research at LASRAB.
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