Information on The Seal of Lagos State

Akoko leaves – the wreath of Akoko leaves signify longevity

Cowries – the yellow background indicates foreshore sands common to all parts of Lagos state.

Fishing Activity – it denotes the traditional occupation of the people and inhabitants of Lagos State.

Coconut Palms – these represent one of the main agricultural products of Lagos State (Two coconut palm trees support the Shield)

Lagos State Motto: Justice and Progress – ‘Justice’ signifies the necessity in the State to give every person his due, without fear or favour, affection or ill will. (The word ‘person’ replaces ‘man’ to ensure gender sensitivity.

The Three Black Lines – these dividing lines of the shield represent the present, the past and the future.

Description of Symbols and Colour Composition

Description of Symbol ‘keremesi; - White Cap

Description of Symbol – Background of ‘Wheel’ with white spot in the middle of the wheel and white stripe on the edge) is Red.

Description of Symbol – Costume of the fisherman (left) is white, while the fisherman on the right has a shadow falling on it.

Description of Symbol – the four coconuts on either side of the palm tree bed on which the shield rests is yellow with red spots.

Description of Symbol – ‘coconut palm frond’ is green.

Description of Symbol – coconut palm tree or trunk is a striation of White and Black.

Description of symbol – the motto, ‘Justice and Progress’ is red.

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