Information on The Seal of LASRAB

Crest: the graphic representation and expected seal of the Bureau designed with particular reference to the three dimensions of records and archives for planning and development to wit:

  1. Heritage Preservation
  2. Documentation and Scholarship
  3. Information and Communication


White Cap or Keremesi – the stately cultural symbol of royalty and traditional authority epitomised by the head gear (white cap) of the Lagos Idejo Chiefs, purveyors of heritage, as found on the State.

Armourial Bearing, the Eko FM and LASU Crest respectively

Disc – represents Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) with the red colouring depicting active and vibrant documentation and dissemination process to bridge data and information gap.

Book – denotes knowledge transfer and enlightenment (values sharing) through research into the archival corpus of Lagos State.

LASRAB acronym for Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau

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