The Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau was conceived in 1995 as a Public Sector reform programme for better management of Lagos State records for planning, policy process, enhanced service delivery and heritage preservation. In 2002, it was accepted as the Integrated Records and Archives management Programme (IRAMP), a sub-component of the World Bank-assisted State Governance and Capacity Building Programme (SGCBP) which later became the Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP).

LASRAB formally came into legal existence as a Lagos State Government Agency pursuant to Law 22 of 2007.

Administratively, LASRAB took-off on 1st August, 2008 but effective operation began on 1st December, 2008. The Bureau is under the supervision of the Ministry of Information and Strategy.

LASRAB House, located in Magodo GRA, Phase 2, is a special-purpose building consisting of such archival facilities as Repositories, Search/Reading Rooms, Reference Library, Gallery, Conservatory, Micrography, Reprography, Mini-museum, Training Room, Audio-Visual Studio, Conference Room, amongst others. These special rooms are fitted with such modern and world class archival facilities such biometrics control system, the Kodak Reference Archives System for microfilming and Xerox reprographic equipment for small and wide format papers, e.t.c

Mandates/Responsibilities of the Agency

Statutory Responsibility:

By its establishing Law, the Bureau has the mandate to:

  1. Ensure that public offices follow standard record;
  1. Establish standards and advise on best practices on records and archives management in the State;
  1. Establish and implement procedures for the control and management of records of enduring value;
  1. Establish and implement procedures for the transfer of public records of enduring value, for preservation and management, in the State archives or such archival repository as may be established under the Law;
  1. Undertake research and disseminate knowledge on the preservation and management of public, private and historical records;
  1. Preserve, manage and make available for consultation, public records selected for preservation or kept in its custody and care.


LASRAB was established for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the right information is available to the right person, at the right time, at the least possible cost; by the right agency bridging information device for planning),
  • To warehouse the accumulated experiences, values, heritage, innovations and initiatives of the people/entities of Lagos State and development partners in the quest to achieve growth and development (societal memory),
  • To enhance Government’s policy objectives & planning - modernization of public service, open and accountable government, quality education, social inclusion & economic regeneration (better Public Service delivery)
  • To protect records integrity and security (evidential value)

To serve as a one-stop information centre (warehouse) on Lagos State.

Strategic Goal

Ensuring the maintenance of modern and credible information warehouse (records and archives institution) that captures full and accurate records on Lagos State that meet the needs and interest of clients.

Services Rendered by the Bureau

Records Regulation and Control: Helping the Lagos State MDAs to organise their Registries in line with the international best practices in records management;

Archives Accessioning and Preservation: Surveying and acquisition of non-current records of the Lagos State MDAs for preservation in the Bureau;

Reference Services:  Providing access to archives holdings and Reference Library materials in the Bureau for research and public consultation;

 Archives Promotion and Exhibitions: Organising public enlightenment campaigns on archives as the State memory and its roles in societal development through International Archives Day celebration, exhibitions, facility visits, media appearances and operation of a mini-museum;

Historical Research and Documentation:  Collecting and documenting oral history and traditions about people, places and communities in Lagos State;

Information and Knowledge Management: Providing an integrated approach to capturing, distributing and effective sharing of all of the Lagos State public information assets including databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in the Lagos State Public Service


within the eight years of its existence, LASRAB has earned such national recognition that all states in the Southwest and the Bayelsa State have sent delegations to come and understudy the Bureau with the intention of replicating the findings in their respective establishments.

Specifically, some of the major achievements of the Bureau within the period are as follows:

  • Publications: Published 3 books namely Highlights of Lagos History 1839 – 2011; Highlight of Lagos History 1839 – 2012 (special edition for Lagos State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board) and Highlight of Lagos History 1839 – 2012 (special edition for Lagos Economic Summit (Ehingbeti 2012 Summit)
  • Records and Archives Management (RAM) Policy – Fired by the State’s position as the Nation’s Centre of Excellence and to provide the framework for enhancing the activities of LASRAB and regulate the practice of records and archives management state-wide, LASRAB drafted the Lagos State Records and Archives Management (RAM), the first of its kind in the Public Service in Nigeria.
  • International Archives Day (IAD) Celebration – consistent with the innovative and trail blazing pattern of the State Government, LASRAB organized the first International Archives Day (IAD) celebration in Nigeria on 9th June, 2011 and has been doing that consistently till date.
  • Provision of background information and materials to the Lagos State House of Assembly for policy reviews and legislative works on the Laws for the Preservation, Protection and Restoration of Historical Sites and Seal of Lagos State and the Bill of Freedom of Information in Lagos State.